DFATR - Played by Kenneth Branagh in the 2016 feature film, "Aisling".

Deddeh From Across The Road (DFATR), is the father of NFATR and FFATR and husband of MFATR. DFATR is a handsome older gentleman that works a well enough paying job that he can afford a new (electric) car every two years ("No recession in that house", arsa Deddeh Aisling), but still seems to have time to regularly work out in the gym extension that the FATRs built onto the side of their fabulous home. Similar to MFATR, DFATR insists that his children refer to him by his first name, but they sometimes call him "Pater" with a chuckle.

Curate Scandal of 2016 Edit

In February 2016, DFATR shocked the town of BGB by running away with the new curate. There was always a sense of distrust around the village about this new priest, as he's foreign (Memmeh thinks he might be from Roscommon, possibly Leitrim), but the news about DFATR has come as a complete shock to the parish.

DFATR, being the great fella that he is, has always volunteered at parish events, sang in the choir, and was on the roof repair committee. So when he started putting in the few extra hours helping the new priest "settle in," sure nobody batted an eyelid.

By all accounts, he left MFATR a note to say he's exploring his "real self" with Father Seán and has felt "trapped" in their loveless marriage for years. MFATR has taken the news very badly, and has been spotted in O'Shaughnessy's, doing some serious damage to their stock of Gordon's (MFATR wouldn't be caught dead drinking Cork Dry Gin. She does have standards, after all).

NFATR is torn between being distraught over the breakup of her family, and accepting her father for who he "really" is. She did take the time to post a selfie on Instagram, looking very upset about the whole thing. From Machu Picchu. Where she suddenly eloped with BS Ben within hours of the news breaking.

Ais is secretly thrilled, having lived her whole life in NFATR's shadow. Memmeh is equally secretly thrilled to finally have one up on the FATRs, but neither Ais nor Memmeh have confided this in each other. This has led to both of them grinning like loons when they think no-one's watching, while being very sombre about the news when talking to each other.

Meanwhile, Deddeh has been heard to loudly exclaim that he "always knew" something was a bit fishy about DFATR. This is despite Deddeh equally loudly exclaiming in O'Shaughnessy's that DFATR was a "great fella, one of the good ones" only the night before the news broke.

Only Meeeehawl seems to be completely unsurprised by the news, but he won't say why.

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