FFATR - Played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the 2016 feature film, "Aisling".

Fionn From Across The Road (FFATR), is the older brother of NFATR and son of MFATR and DFATR. FFATR is an utterly charming, kind, intelligent, thundering ride of an ubermench. He works as a human rights lawyer in London or New York, but manages to come back to BGB very often to spend quality time with his family in BGB. Unlike a lot of his peers, he really likes his hometown and bizarrely the weather always seems to be glorious for the duration of his visits home, so he always seems to miss when it's raining sideways. In school, he was the captain of the soccer team, and was always draped in medals for swimming when he came back from Mosney. He got 600 points in his Leaving Cert, but still had a solid social life and was declared officially "sound" by virtually all of his peers.

Following leaving school, FFATR casually came out as gay, to which of course his family didn't bat an eyelid at and were unwavering in how they viewed him as they never really assigned gender pronouns when asking about any of his love interests anyway. He's always been kind and patient with other residents of BGB and facilitating their questions and statements such as, "but how can you be gay when you're so normal?" with smiles and gentle steering into the 21st century. He was of course back in BGB for a solid month of campaigning for the Marriage Equality Referendum, calling door to door with MFATR to encourage people to vote Yes. People attribute BGB's overwhelming Yes vote to the effort he put in, but always humble, FFATR has always dismissed it.

Meeeehawl thoroughly, and monumentally DESPISES him for some reason.

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