(Generic) John is Aisling's childhood sweetheart and long term boyfriend. He met Aisling through the local GAA disco back home at the age of 17, and has been doing a "steady-line" with her ever since, mainly for the "good road frontage" Deddeh GJ had lined up for him. Despite the length of their relationship, he has actualy never seen Aisling in less than her nightdress, due to her strictly "lights off" policy. He is rather well equipped in many areas, but he will never know. GJ works in IT/Finance/Accounts in the Bank along with Gavin and the lads, none of whom he actually likes/trusts, the D4 yokes. He goes home to BGB at weekends with Aisling and trains but rarely plays with the local GAA team. He may one day propose to Aisling, but he sees that as possibly many years away, despite all her subtle hints about "time getting on", it never seems to sink through the big meaty head on him.

Holidays Edit

Aisling's summer album is of her and GJ's trip to Gran Canaries - titled Gran Canaries 11, to distinguish it from Gran Canaries 09, (in 10 they went to Bulgaria because Niamh from Across the Road recommended it to Aisling's Memmeh and the Aislings were NOT about to be outdone by the From Across The Roads - it went alright, but GJ couldn't really get his head around not being in Gran Canaries). This year's album, like the last, consists mainly of head shots of the two of them, GJ fairly sunburnt, their faces shiny and the background complete darkness save for the outline of a palm tree, so they could be basically anywhere, lots of the two of them on the beach, Aisling reading the latest Patricia Scanlan and a few of the hotel and hotel room (make the girls jealous - bargain price as well, as Aisling physically went to the travel agent's, got a brilliant deal so she did). Loads taken by passing strangers of the two of them linked together against a backdrop of the sea, Aisling wearing her new just-to-the-knee summer dresses from Dunnes, matching flip flops. Night time shots of the two of them sitting outside their favourite Irish pub, drinking WKD blues. And of course a HILARIOUS photo of GJ asleep on the plane home, taken very close up, and underneath his mate Australia Paul has commented "lol classic john!!!!" and gotten 13 likes.

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