Majella - Played by Joanne MacNally in the 2016 feature film, "Aisling".

Majella, has been Aisling's best friend since they were childers, but she was always a somewhat rebellious teen; smoking, kissing boys, etc (aka a normal teenager) she has also moved to Dublin, but unlike Aisling, actually likes it. She is a normal girl with normal sexual urges, but to Aisling she is a minx. Aisling is friends with her none the less as she sees Majella as a good person who is a little "rough around the edges" so to speak and PLUS she keeps Majella around as a contrast to herself, Majella's antics make Aisling look angelic in comparison (her dream come true) Aisling is always judging Majella and when she hears new of some unsavoury goings-on, she often thinks how she could never do a thing like that, but she certainly wouldn't put it past Majella!

All of Aisling's Majella-based criticisms are internal of course, she would never want to hurt Majella, except for the odd time when she lets one slip and tries to pass it off as a joke, "shur why would you buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" or when she's having an evening in with GJ . Aisling believes that due to Majella's slutty antics, she cant land a man, or that no man would want her and as such, she is constantly rubbing her and GJ's relationship in Majella's face to make her jealous. Aisling is secretly paranoid that Majella is trying to steal GJ from her, but doesn't feel threatened, sure GJ knows where his bread it buttered! However GJ has secretly been giving Majella "the glad eye" due to his frustrating sexual relationship with Aisling compared to the fun loving and free-wheeling attitude of Majella. Majella's antics have earned her a reputation among GJ and Aisling's families. Aisling truly believes that Majella will not get into heaven, and has brought shame to her family through a series of incidents which have never really elaborated on because "oh you wouldn't want to know what she's been up to"! Aisling often uses these indiscretions as a way to elevate her own self-esteem.

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