Oh My God What A Complete Aisling Wikia

Meeeehawl - Played by Damian O'Hare in the 2016 feature movie, "Aisling".

Meeeehawl is Aisling's second-oldest, "confirmed bachelor" brother who lives with his business partner and good friend Silvio above their soft furnishings store in Ranelagh and drive what Deddeh refers to as a "hairdryer on wheels." He doesn't visit Memmeh as much as he should and he rarely calls, he's a "very private person" but sure that's nothing a wife won't solve. Knew Tallaght Jacinta long before Aisling did. They met while she was a cloakroom assistant in a certain Dublin nightclub in the early 00's while he was in NCAD, and before he knew Silvio. She saved him from a certain local councillor who plied him with a few cheeky Bacardis and asked him if he knew where a certain gentleman's venue was, where they could "spend some time together" TJ saw right through it, lumping Pat in the face and whisking Meeeehawl off to Charlie's 2 for some curdy chips and chicken balls to sort him out, and they have been secret "bestos" since. When Aisling first came up to Dublin and was working out in Eastpoint on the phones, she would laugh at TJ's stories about her and her gas mate Micky from the weekends during TJ's very brief stint there. If only she had known...

Meeeehawl and Silvio are take a European holiday some time in May every year. They seem to be fierce proud of Ireland when they go out foreign as they make sure to pack a giant Irish flag every year. Aisling is always amazed at how cultured her brother is when she can never seem to tear herself away from the usual holiday in Gran Canaria. The boys must be mad altogether for the European women that they're off to Sweden this year after burning through the ladies of Austria last year, Denmark in 2014, Sweden again in 2013, and maddest of all Azerbaijan in 2012 (they must have gotten a notion for the Asian women that year). In fact the last time Aisling can remember Meeeehawl being around in May was for a couple of years in a row in the 90s.