Memmeh is a horrible, jealous overweight woman who abused Aisling while she was growing up and is the main reason why Aisling is stuck in a dead end relationship. Because of Memmeh, Aisling has turned out to be bitter, judgemental and petty towards anyone who is more successful than she is - see NFATR. When Aisling meets or hears of someone who is intellectually, philanthropically or economically wealthier than she is, she rejects and dismisses them by stating that they have 'notions'. She does this to cover up her own insecurities about not being good enough to be a part of their 'worlds' and so pretends like she never wanted to be. But she does. And so does Memmeh, which is why Memmeh hates MFATF with a passion. Memmeh was jealous of Aisling spending so much time with NFATR at MFATR, that she started to verbally berate Aisling because she was afraid that Aisling was showing signs of wishing MFATF was her Memmeh. 20 years on, memmeh and Aisling are broken sacks of shit and this story is about how you should not give a fuck what anything thinks of you and you should just do your best, be kind to others and make yourself happy. So don't be an Aisling; Aisling is a cunt. Be a NFATR; NFATR is a queen. And jaysus, whatever you do, don't date GJ! He's the biggest twat of them all. In fact, don't date men at all. They're boring, selfish and shit in bed. Go on a gap year like NFATR, fall in love with a beautiful, intelligent foreign girl with fire in her eyes and kindness in her soul. That's exactly what NFATR did. Why on earth do you think she never talks about her gap year for?! BSB is just a beard. A beard to cover up her broken heart. A heart that forever belongs to another: Esmeralda, her female lover.

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