MFATR - Played by Maria Doyle Kennedy in the 2016 feature film, "Aisling".

Memmeh From Across The Road (MFATR), is the mother of NFATR and FFATR and wife of DFATR. MFATR prides herself in being a "cool mom" and insists that her children call her by her first name, but sometimes they call her "Mater" or "Mum".

MFATR enjoys vintage wines, yoga retreats, and has been seen actually baking her own bread. She occasionally has dinner parties where she invites Aisling's Memmeh over to meet all of her beautiful worldly friends where they discuss politics, feminism, and sex. She is utterly delightful and easygoing, has perfect hair and skin despite being the same age as Memmeh, and her house is immaculate at all times.

Naturally, Aisling's Memmeh hates her.

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