Niamh From Across The Road (NFATR), is the younger sister of FFATR and daughter of MFATR and DFATR and lives directly across the road from Aisling. NFATR and Aisling went to school together and did well without having to work too hard, which gave her lots of free time for her music, drama, debating, and charity fundraising (Amnesty and Simon). She was good friends with Meeeehawl in school despite being a few years younger than him, and was his date for the debs, because she was the only one who knew his secret. She travelled the world in her gap year, but never went on about it. She then went to Trinity and now works at a nonprofit, mentoring female entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds.

NFATR is always well-dressed, a little bit hipster, a little bit hippie, she fits in everywhere. Her house was once featured on Apartment Therapy. She bakes a mean cupcake, and makes amazing butternut squash and chickpea curry, but she'll eat meat if she's sure it's ethically sourced. She has strong liberal feminist convictions, and loves a good protest march, but she is understanding of people with other views.

When she and her long-term boyfriend Bording School Ben (BSB) have kids, she will breastfeed, use cloth nappies, and carry the baby in a Fairtrade sling. She is fluent in French, Italian, and Irish, and has a smattering of Quechua from her time in Peru. She is really good at yoga and does evening classes every autumn. Aisling feels vaguely inadequate by comparison, and she would resent the hell out of NFATR and her notiony existence, except that NFATR is just so nice that nobody can dislike her.

NFATR is lovely.

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