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Notionz, Nutgrove

Notionz, not to be confused with notions, is a gift store with shops in Millfield shopping centre Balbriggan, Quinsborough road Bray and Nutgrove shopping centre Rathfarnham. The Nutgrove shopping centre Notionz in particular has attracted the attention of Aislings all over Ireland who can't COPE when they see such a hilarious sign.

Many fledgling OMGWACIANS will post and share the Notionz shop image, to the chagrin of members that have seen it posted many times before. There is currently a ticker counter that is reset whenever the Nutgrove shop front is posted in the OMGWACA Facebook Group.

Notionz sells things that are well, notions - like incense, smelly candles, and Newbridge silverware. Aisling loves it.