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'Oh My God What A Complete Aisling', 'OMGWACA' copyright Emer Mc Lysaght, Sarah Breen

We all know an Aisling**.

She's your stereotypical friend who carries her court shoes to work in a bag while pounding the pavement with her MBTs on the walk in from Rathmines.

Aisling loves a Colours Night in the Portobello and a cheeky Coors Light in Mc Gowans of Phibsboro.

She keeps all of her Laser receipts and checks them off against her bank statement.

She has a loyalty card from both Tesco and Dunnes but not Marks and Spencer, have you seen the prices in there?

Aisling loves a good bit of drying and thinks tumble driers are a sinful waste.

She enjoys a good removal and heads home to (insert appropriate culchie location here) whenever Mammy needs her to be a good daughter.

Aisling doubles up on contraception...using both anti-babby pills and french letters...just in case. Although she has been seeing Generic John for 5 and a half years and has never even had a scare.

Aisling has NEVER dyed her hair

BUT bear in mind...don't get too smug. We ALL have a bit of Aisling in us.

**no offence intended to people actually named Aisling. We should have gone with Majella.

Copyright Emer McLysaght, Sarah Breen

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